Ashi-Meaning | Related Terms And Famous People Named After It

Are you looking for the meaning of the word “ASHI” ??

If yes than let me help you out with its proper meaning and other related terms.

Later we will look at famous people and firm named after this word.

ASHI in Bhutanese means lady.

This term is mostly associated with royal families of Bhutanese.Also it could mean princess.

Other terms related with the word Ashi

Judo uses this term

In judo suri ashi means foot work.In same way there are few other terms in judo using this word ashi which means walking step,following step etc.

Use in stock market famous trading system

Munehisa Homma in 1700 developed a famous trading system called as Heiken Ashi.

It is widely used to predict trend in stock markets and reduce the noise in normal candlestick charts.

You can also find some cool terms related to this word like how popular is this word in this link.

Famous people and firms named after the word “Ashi”

American safety and health institute

This is an non profit organisation based in Eugine which provides certification in CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation),BLS(Basic Life Support) and First Aid etc.

Ashi singh(Indian Actress)

She is famous for playing role of Naina in Sony Tv drama Yeh un dinon ki baat hai.

Ashi diamonds-An north american jewelry brand

From more than 34 years they are making great women’s jewelry in North America.You can even become there product supplier if you are interested in jewelry business.You can check out for further details.



As you can see the word Ashi is unique and considered elite by many other.

So if you are looking to name your brand or your business after this name you can add up other terms to it to create a fancy name.

If you find any other useful term associated with the word than do let us know.We will update our blog with it if your sources are real.




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